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Revell Super Hornet with lessons learned

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On 1/12/2020 at 10:38 AM, Stokey Pete said:

Impressive progress, would you say it's been good value for money? 

Hi Pete,

I wanted a big Super Hornet and I did not want to pay 130 Euro's, so this was the only other option.  Was I disappointed that the kit had so much more potential that was not realized? Absolutely!

I started the kit as a nice challenge to see how these missed chances that I already read about could be easily overcome (I thought: how bad could it really be in this day and age of high tech model making? boy was I wrong). But over time and now seeing the intermediate result, plus now that I know how to fix the most crucial fit issues, I am really having a blast.


Needing to do the things that I did might scare some people to attempting this model, so realistically, for the same money you can buy many other models that will give you more satisfaction and less stress.


In short: if you want a German Super Hornet in 1:32 for nearly half the price as a Chinese Super Hornet and put up with the consequences, this is the kit for you!

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yup, the way things have been going so far I tend to build the F too. Revell has announced if for October or so, I will surely be ready by that time.

in the mean time I have finished the weathering:


this is the underside. Might make that a bit dirtier still



under the nose:



at the air intakes, including patched up stains:



lower wings:



upper wing:



on the walk ways. the black spine will remain glossy, after polishing I taped it off before the matt coat:



then sealed everything with a final cote of gloss varnish. After drying I applied 3 thin layers of matt coat from Ammo MiG, left part are matt, right still glossy:


you can easliy see the difference of the gloss with the matt layer


weapons are matt now:





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thanks gentlemen, your encouragement helps really to race towards the finish line!


iPainted the Wheel struts and weathered them. Mounting them with all these actuating arms was not easy!





then mounted the landing gear doors:




now that the Rhino is 95% finished, I am thinking about a base for it to stand on...

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Thanks for that!  in the mean time I have been thinking about a stand to hold this big beast. I have been looking at phto's of the beginning of the runway of USS George Bush. But it was the USS Theodore Roosevelt, on which the crew had painted 'IF YOU CAN READ THIS ADD POWER' that caught my attention. Good sense of humor of them! I think I would like to go for that too! some very good pictures from Kai Wolter and US navy btw.



I made a print of a piece of flight deck, which I had drawn in CAD some years ago:


Indeed that is my feet in the photo, gives you a sense of the size of this thing.

Went to the DYI shop on saturday to get some wood and plastic. My project was just extended by a month!


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