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Revell Super Hornet with lessons learned

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hi Chrish, yes this project is giving me a chance to improve many of my skills! I am happy that all the steps in between have come to this result so far. There was a moment where I had sawn the model nearly in 2 and I risked an utter failure. But now that I know how to do it I would lover to build Revells hopefully future F version too (if they dare to release it, looking at the critiques this model has received).


So Mel, if you ask me then the Revell kit has the potential to become a very good representation of a Super Hornet but one really needs to put effort in overcoming its pitfalls (spine hump and 2 mm in width/height the most obvious and annoying ones). I have not built the Trumpeter kit but I am told that this one has some oddities too. So until something better comes up I think this one is still good value for money!

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in the mean time the fuel tank came out pretty good!



the aircraft is completely black by now



and then I made a made a big booboo, holding the whole thing upside down I dropped it from 10 cm onto the desk. I expected the crack that I heard to be one of the tails, but they were ok. just to make sure I checked the canopy under the tape...


oops, cracked!


so better to repair now than when all the paint is on. Luckily the canopy broke free cleanly. So my dearest friends at Revell abteilung X, could you please send me a new canopy?


oh yes, and I need to pinch the handle and the rear view mirror from under the front glass...

bummer! But never mind I will keep on painting until the new canopy arrives...

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Two steps forward and one back!  Isnt that always the way...............

Ive been going through exactly that with my F-104D.  just getting set up and things are rolling along great, then OOOPS!   I know the feeling all too well.   Hopefully the new can-O-pee will be here soon and progress can resume.

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Darn! That’s disappointing and soooooo something that would happen to me (it has so many times)

This build reminds me of those short movie inserts I used to wait for on the kids shows back in the....well, waaaay back when I was a kid. They’d run about 15 minutes of a great movie every episode, man it was tough having the patience to wait for the next instalment...that’s happening again here!

eagerly awaiting the next 15 minute instalment (not fighting with my sister now though)

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hello gentlemen,

thanks for your support! In the mean time Revell is sending me a new canopy so I guess I will be having it in a few days. That has not kept me away from progressing with my build.

Panels have been filled with white primer:








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hi themongoose and other modellers,

indeed it seems like the largest challenges like the fit of the parts is now behind me. Also Revell supplied me with a new canopy within 2 weeks. Good service Revell!

after some polishing of the new canopy the parts were ready to be assembled:



after which all was glued to the aircraft and small gaps being taken care of:



So forward we go again!

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Finally I put some color on!
I though that the middle grey 307 from Mr color was a tad dark, so I decided to add to the next pass some 30% light grey 308. Before I would do that I sprinkled some water and coarse salt onto the upper surfaces to add some patchy wear. This way the salt crystals would act as a mask for the lighter shade.
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after the airbrushing of the slightly lighter shade I was content enough to more on to the next step: adding the black stripe on the back. It took a while to find the right info on the net but it was good that I persisted: The zone on the decal instructions is incorrect. So first taped off the right shape, using the squadron number as a reference for the kink in the lining:
and see there, black back on my Rhino!
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tonight I have a rather large update in store. I got the decals on!

first I gave the model a gloss coat:



then got started with the decals. the red decals give good contrast, even on a black background



then put the decals on in 3 nights. Here from front to back:


the decals are quite good but not perfect. Notice how the yellow warning plaque below the black zone is too large and the star on the roundel is a bit too low, giving the roundel an appearance as if it is 'looking' down a bit. I did not want to use the Revell decal either because its blue was too light. 


no silvering on any of the decals in the middle



neither on the tail. Here is where you can see that the distance between the tail and the slime light is a bit too smaal, making the text not fit as they should in real life. 



same thing with decals on other side





looking like a Tomcatter!




views from the top:






and bottom



There is actually a possibility now to finish this project around the end of the year!

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