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Revell Super Hornet with lessons learned

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  • 2 weeks later...

thank you gentlemen for this encouragement, this deck is really a paint drainer. Boy, did I underestimate the amount of work for this large a diorama! Needed to take the side wall off my paint booth to make it fit



Luckily I got some things done this weekend, put on a layer of varnish and then dabbed on some very thin, very dark grey artist oil paint with a sponge. Then the result was a bit too dirty, I decided to put on a thin, diluted layer of the original colors. I think the result is realistic enough now:




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hi Derek B,


thanks for your compliment, appreciate it! SO now I have finally finished this project. Took nearly a year but it was worth the effort. Can't wait for the -F to come in October!

anyway here is the last in progress pic of the carrier deck, everything put together now:






more pics will follow, lets see if I can make some photo's from my back garden in the sunlight tomorrow.



Thanks for hanging in with me, it was an amazing adventure!

Now, where is that Strike Eagle that I only half finished last year?

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Nicely done!

It was really educational (perhaps a bit intimidating) seeing the kit issues and how you dealt with them in stride! Now seeing the finished build is great! 

I noticed you giving a bit of a tutorial over on LSM as well, good man passing on your knowledge!

Cant wait for the next build! I'll be there, if C-19 or being stir crazy at home doesn't get me

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