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RoG He 219 Build

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Hi guys, thank you for the kind comments.  I made the decision to attach the wings prior to painting, and I have to say the plane is one big beast.  It is not as big as RoG's He111 kits though. All sub-assemblies are complete and everything has been primed and some things painted.  I used Alclad II Primer, thinned about 30% and it shot very smoothly.  After waiting 24 hours I lightly sanded the primer coat to smooth things out, after which I took the plunge to test a theory.  Black basing has gotten fairly popular over the past couple of years and I have always wondered if one could achieve the same effects by just spraying a random pattern instead of spraying the entire model black.  Of course I was 2/3rds the way done when I remembered that the actual aircraft was sprayed using the reversed mottling technique.  Hmmmm...we shall see if I can pull this off, should be interesting to say the least.


33724109598_b943c34438_c.jpgIMG_1141 by Ernest Roth

One of the Barracuda wheels after base painting.  The contrast between the hub and tire is actually a bit more evident than the picture shows.  (I have to work on getting better contrast in my shots)


47601273141_68906ffcc7_c.jpgIMG_1142 by Ernest Roth

One of the Flammenvernichter after the base black and red brown has been sprayed.  I plan to use pastel chalk to add depth and contrast to the tone.


 47601272851_2638948852_c.jpgIMG_1143 by Ernest Roth

The primed beast on my wargaming table. (I should have put blue paper under the plane, next series I will)


33724108028_6625426ba0_c.jpgIMG_1144 by Ernest Roth

Close up of the port wing root.  The wings did not have much gap between them and the fuselage, and a bit of Vallejo putty took care of those while not obliterating the joint.  I probably could have assembled the wings after painting with minimal issues, but I opted not to mess around with getting the wing fillet and inner flap glued on, along with the wing of course, after painting.  Makes for a bit of a hand full while airbrushing, but the wings look pretty good and I don't have to worry about a gluing disaster after painting.


33724107118_3d46ccac0a_c.jpgIMG_1146 by Ernest Roth

One of the engine nacelles at the wing join.  These also went into place with fairly minimum putty work.


33724106618_048f61c789_c.jpgIMG_1147 by Ernest Roth

And the experiment for the final shot.  I'll buff things smooth tomorrow and it will be showtime with the airbrush.  Keeping my fingers crossed!



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Hi guys, its been a couple of weeks since my last post.  A business trip and spring yard work cut into my time but I have managed to spend the last few nights working on the build.  I did not like how my reverse mottling attempted turned out at all; the edges were much to stark in my opinion.  So I re-sprayed the aircraft RLM 76 and then airbrushed the RLM 75 mottle using the tried and true method I normally do - that is air turned down to 5 psi, very thin paint and the .2mm nozzle/needle combo on the H&S Infinity.  The Mission Models paint required some practice on a paint mule first, but once a came to grips with the paint the result was fairly pleasing to my eye.  The FuG 202 antenna was cobbled together using the parts from my other RoG Uhu kit and some spare brass parts from either an old Owl or the Polish company that makes AM antennas, I forgot which.  The end result is not 100% perfect, but looks pretty good from 6" or so away.  The gloss coat is Alclad's gloss which is not bad; however, I have come to prefer Tamiya XF-22 thinned down so I am using up the rest of my Alclad gloss.


Enjoy the photos!



                                                                                                                        Mottled, glossed and decaled



                                                                                                           Close up of the mottling on the port wing



                                                                                                                                               And the tail



                                                             Some of the Owl AM decals.  Frankly, I thought the RoG decals in the kit were just as good.



                                                                                                             Bits and bobs painted and ready for weathering.



                                                                                        The FuG 202 antenna ready for priming and its RLM 76 coat.

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