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Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ

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Hi Guys

let me introduce you to the Tamiya F-16 CJ, the kit was dream to build no issues what so ever, this was also my first Time using MRP paints, and I have to say they are a dream to use, just brilliant.

the kit has the Aires cockpit and undercarriage, and I used a reed oak fire along with a PG productions figure, the decals are from fox 1 vipers on guard.





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Amazingly beautiful detailed Viper!  The weathering/fading of the paint is stellar.  The flightline diorama is awesome. The right drop tank is a perfect example: the lighter colored nose on the darker tank (I've built many like that in my AF career). The ejection seat looks you you shrunk down the 1:1 asset.  The GE nozzle is stunning! Images saved for my reference stash.


You've impressed a guy whose worked this particular airframe since the early 90s.


I don't want to be a critic but I noticed two discrepancies:

-the scoop just aft and below the canopy on the right side is facing the wrong direction

-Tulsa Vipers are Block 42, Pratt & Whitney -229B powered; too bad Tamiya never re-released the Thunderbird variant so we can build accurate versions.




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