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Revell 1/32 F4U Corsair - DONE!

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Time to start my tribute build project. Corsairs definitely seem popular lately B) Been awhile since I've done a prop so will try to do some justice to this kit. Like so many of us I built this kit as a teenager so when I had a choice of what to pick up I decided on this one. The intent isn't to be exact, my purpose is to recreate a childhood memory. My Uncle Dennis grew up in Akron Ohio by the Goodyear Airdock. He remembers seeing the corsairs flying over all the time. When he was about 8 he used to shoot his bow and arrow at them as they flew over lol. I expect this will be just a slightly dirty bird as I understand it they leaked oil from the radials no matter what the flying conditions were. Anyone who can drop in a few pictures as the project moves forward please feel free to do so. That will really help when I go to paint her. I may have to do my own decals for the major markings. The plan is to do an AC from VF653, which was a Naval Reserve Squadron out of Akron Ohio. VF653 was aboard the USS Valley Forge (CV45) during the Korean conflict. Most likely I will do Cook Cleland's AC. He was an Ace during WWII and became a Thomson Trophy winner before Korea. In addition to all this he was from Cleveland Ohio so the whole local area theme is playing big here!


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Getting the office organized. No PE was lost in the making of this cockpit. I know you are all concerned LOL




I made the frame to hang the seat on from some 0.8mm rod. The Revell seat and headrest were molded on so they got cut off with the trusty razor knife. 

Got everything primed by lunch. Off to do some work at the parents now.



I leave you with this thought...Is Pappy a Russian Nesting Doll?


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That's the first time that I have ever looked at the pilot figure, and I have built one or two of these kits, I usually just discard them but looking at that one it is very strange.





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Spent parts of the last couple days working on a bunch of things in parallel. Canopies are under glass letting the future dry. Engine is primered. Now I just have to find the wire for it so it has some character. 

This 1st shot is for the in-flight pose. I plan to have it shooting out of the Goodyear Airdock.



I've done my best with the pilot. Pappy is now a 1951 Naval Aviator. Can you believe he is hollow! I carved away that heavy lambs-wool collar and the ear muffs and ended up going through the plastic. Nothing a little cement and plastistrut couldn't cure though.








I made up the PE seatbelts tonight to see if I could do it. Never tried these before. I annealed them with a lighter and a quick dunk in water. They are working out good so once I have them painted up I'll show you how they turn out (just in case I still mess them up lol). 

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Just a few misc things going on now. I'm awaiting the mini LED lights and sound from Magic Scale Modeling to show up. Can't close the fuse till I place all that.

Not much detail on this Revell kit but I will say the fit has been tremendous. Only trimming away flash so far. Today I added formation lights? on the wings



the landing light...I should have taken this pic more from the side so you could see the way I cut it out of the clear sprue corner so it would hold itself in place.



And finally I cut out the openings for the exhaust. Made these from tube that I drilled out to give a thin sidewall...



That may be it for a week or so. Guess I'll put something else on the bench for awhile...that or get some of my to-do list done around the house LOL

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My electronics came in last week. Right before my wife and I left for our anniversary trip. I'm back and on the bench now :-)

Drilled out the radial for the electric motor.Centered it up as best I could but will wait till final assembly to do a final check and glue it in place.



Here's just the wiring for the IP and tail. 



I thought up a way to install the wing so it's removable to access the circuit board and wiring in the future. more on this once I get it set up. I have the formation lights, landing light, and speaker to hook up in here yet.


Then i finished assembling the fuselage this afternoon. now to let it sit and dry for a day. Almost no filler is going to be needed. You can barely see it but just a little down the center of the coming under the front glass. Overall fit is really good. Just some sink marks all over the model. May be somewhat related to the funky plastic. I've had trouble getting the Tamiya ETC to melt the plastic and bond pieces together. Weird.


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Thanks Gaz!


Work continues on this cold and rainy May weekend. At least I haven’t had to waste time watering the grass I planted a few weeks ago. It’s modeling time. I got my way upthrough primer today. Wing lights are in. Velcro’d the circuit board in. 

The wing is done. It looks good under primer so ready for paint here.



the fuselage is great except on top between the windscreen and cowl. Dang Revell has 4 big divots here. Thought i got then but obviously that’s not the case as you can see then from 18” away haha



This shot shows how nice the rest is


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