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1:32 Spitfire MkVIII "Fargo Express" (Tamiya)

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I have been working on this kit for a little while now. Some pics of where i am at the moment. Everything not stock is scratchbuilt. Working only a little bit every day so it will take a while to complete.


Finished control column, redone engine primer and Dunlop brake relay valves




Elevators control crankbell



Seat support frame with holes and rivets



Rudder bars redone with adjusting star wheels and thread. Heel board work started



Control column rework



Back and bottom armor for the seat



Bottom armor in place and seat back cushion






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Works continues on the heel board with some detailing and the addition of the very visible fuel electrical pump interference filter and a better view of the differential braking relay.



Instruments feeding lines added as well with their brackets




Tank pressurization knob and fuel selector were also recreated in plastic card




Edited by Vincent/MDC

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Work continues on the right side wall





I had to redo the landing gear level, it was out of scale. You can see the T connectors on the hydraulical lines : the Mark8 had a retractable tail wheel so 2 lines will be added once the quadrant is glued in place


Some devil in the details:




Edited by Vincent/MDC

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