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1/72 Scratchaeronautics Casa C-295W (Resin kit)

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Following a waffling back and forth between projects, having bumped the dino-girl thing until I can decide on what base I want...post apocalyptic, alternate universe or what...I pulled a few different things out of the stash, fondled...(I mean checked the fit)...of the plastic parts and decided this one needs resin that one needs decals...don't want to build that one just yet, I settled on this resin kit from the same maker (Scratch Aeronautics) of the Casa C235 I posted earlier is the Casa C-295-W. The bigger brother of the 235. This version has turned up winglets, and a longer fuselage and different fit of the engines otherwise it'll be very similar to the 235 that's parked on the shelf right above my head as I sit here typing.
Some pictures... 

the bag o bits


wings, needing the tips changed to the winglets off to the side


opening up the windows and cleaning up the resin a bit


the bigger pieces under construction


please bear with me as I try to make this look airplaneish 

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Thanks Brian

I realize it's not the most popular subject or medium. (resin) It sure bears a familial resemblance to the ATR 42's I see every day at work. That makes it interesting to me...I've ordered the ATR kits too.

nose and flight deck cleaning up.



although a (possibly newer?) cleaner and sharper casting than the Casa 235 I built previously it too shares the sloped roof above the wing which should be flat, I'm contemplating methods of getting the roof flattened out...


this kit also has (the 235 didn't) some cargo deck details.


Thanks for looking in.

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13 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

I've done lots of resin kits, and you are right, the medium isn't as popular, but I think you just have to know what you are getting into.

I agree, and having a liking for esoteric aircraft relegates one to vac kits ( I have yet to finish one) and resin kits which I pretend I’m getting better at.

i keep looking at a 1/72 resin 747 kit...now that’d be a large, scale plane.

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Great paint work on your Chevy too by the way!

i think I’ve gotten my wing centre section straightened out, I cut some reliefs into the upper sides, ran it under scalding hot tap water and bent the roof down in the centre essentially flattening it out. I’ve also drilled holes through the centre section to allow for pass through spar because (well, mostly I forgot on the 235)  The wings are fairly heavy I can see the centre glue seam failing (anybody ever built those early C-130 kits? You’ll know what I mean) without a pass through spar all the weight of the wings is on the glue joint in the fuselage centre section.

back at the bench this afternoon...hopefully progress pics tonight?

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A few hours at the bench sees some progress on the 295...

Mating surfaces matched and alignment pins and holes made, painted "nothing to see in here black"


fuselage top now flat as it should be, much force applied here, if the glue ever lets go it'll blow my house apart!

It looks like wide open seams, but they're filled with CA and sanded smooth at this point


wings pinned and test fitted (dry)



Happy with the fit so far, next is the nose and cockpit section.

Thanks for looking in



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I agree, it's quite a neat looking aircraft. There was one here in Saskatoon a couple of years ago being demo'd to the airforce. they stored it in the hangar beside our ATR 42's overnight and the familial resemblance was very strong although the 295 was smoother and cleaner in all areas, even the camouflage paint was shiny. It was in Mexican air force markings, we were allowed to walk around and through it while it was here...probably why I had to build one.

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 I've hit a couple of nasty speed bumps on the 295. The first one was the props, the real deal has scimitar blades, highly efficient and quiet... the kit has banana blades, very very thick thick at the base, some short shot some with bubbles and some warped. I started by sanding a couple of blades to (close) to scale thickness and realized I'd be all week doing that and covered in resin dust. I decided to make my own from sheet styrene. I cleaned up one blade and using that blade as a master to copy and carve out 11 more (and a couple of spares) That done, I began fitting cargo doors. The real plane has double doors like a Hercules, one opens up into the tail the other down and forms a ramp. If I'd built it with the doors open and the interior in place I'd have had much less trouble, the doors are deformed in X,Y and Z axis's I used CA and plastic strips to fill gaps and plug holes. Not the end of the world by any stretch but added a bit of time to my journey.

the plastic props (white) still needing a twist to look more like prop. blades


the rear cargo doors


filled and sanded smooth, needing re-scribing yet


mostly faired in and getting ready to fit the vertical stab.


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