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Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

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Honestly for me personally, 72nd has more of a place than 48th does. For some unknown reason, I have grown to really despise the latter.   


But 1/72nd, has some choices in it that I really like, that honestly could not ever practically be done in 1/32nd, like my 72nd PBM-5A > GR.1 conversion, or my 1/72nd A400M.  But yes, some would not touch another scale, and I am somwhat like that, as its rare for me to work outside of that, my preferred scale. 


Tamiya is an excellent company, and makes (IMHO) arguably the best 1/32nd scale kits on the market.  It would be highly disappointing if they were to not ever touch the scale again, since I think they are on top as far as manus go, but I still have some (all actually) the Tamiya LSPs I've ever purchased for myself in my stash to build, so I guess Id be fortunate to have those

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