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1/32 F-5 intakes for Kitty Hawk kit coming soon.

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Working on them while keeping up with production as items sellout.    These little things are a real challenge as they are very long and narrow with compound bends.   The actual metal intake on a real F-5 has thinner walls than the resin ones.   Right now these will be in section with a rear form the fan face to the main whew well and include the basic wheel well.  There then will be a front section form there to the front of the main fuselage.  I am also including the front of the intake as it needs work,  it is undersized in some dimensions and has a step on the inside that needs filling.   Once installed the seams will will overlap front to ear with the paint line hiding the front seam. the mid seam move the wheel well is in a spot that is hidden and disappears.   Keep in mind the inside diameter of the intake is 14.5MM after the intake tapper.


May be ready in June, but definitely but he NATS along with Tamiya 1/32 F-14 Intakes.

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