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Iain (32SIG)

IPMS (UK) 1:32 Special Interest Group - Annual Return

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Hi folks,


As many will be aware our 32SIG is registered as an official Special Interest Group within IPMS (UK) and that gives us the opportunity each year of having a stand at the Telford Scale ModelWorld show.


The group is affiliated to the Large Scale Planes website and proudly flies the LSP logo.


Every year I have to do a return - and book space for Telford.


For the purposes of the return I need to know who's happy to be included as a member and if your membership is senior, junior, family, overseas or non-IPMS.


Membership is a loose term - there are no fees - and you don't have to actually exhibit - just happy to be affiliated with the group.


It helps to have as many members listed as possible.  :)


Please drop me a PM here on LSP with your IPMS membership number (if applicable) and membership status as listed above.


Would ideally like to have details by next Saturday evening so I can get the return filed and space for the 2019 Telford show booked.


Have fun!



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No - not for the overall numbers - I have to have at least 6 paid-up IPMS (UK) members - but, other than that, all welcome!


And apart from name/membership numbers of those 6, the only other membership details that go in the return are the headline numbers, broken down as:

  • IPMS (UK) Senior
  • IPMS (UK) Junior
  • IPMS (UK) Family Member
  • Overseas IPMS
  • Non-IPMS


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