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RF-8G Trumpeter & Fisher Model

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45 minutes ago, David Hansen said:

Those cameras look great!


In your evaluation process, did you ever take a look at the cameras in the Revell RF-4, just to assess their usability?




4 hours ago, Starfighter said:



Thank you Ben

For David: In fact no. I do not have the RF-4 kit. I just used the Squadron WA as a reference. May be Ben, could you answer David ?

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Hi fellows modelers,


I reached an important step in my build today. I sprayed a first coat of primer on the underside of the fuselage to highlight the defaults following an long phase of several adjustments.


It is not perfect yet but I am happy of this first result. It could had been worse.









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5 hours ago, David Hansen said:

Eric, i'm sure if you mention it earlier in the thread, but why did you need to add shims to widen and fill the lower centerline joint? Did it have something to do with the Nose Wheel well, or the Aires cockpit?




Hi David,


You're right. Everything comes from the Aires Nose Weel weel which is a bit larger than the Fisher's one. I don't know what is the impact on the real fuselage to the scale width since the Aires part is adapted to the Trumpeter kit.










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I spent the past three days working on the fuselage to reach this level of finishing after several hours of primer spraying  and sanding. 

Working on a short run kit is very very demanding but in the end the satisfaction is there.

I still have some minor imperfections to correct but nothing difficult.

I will scribe the panel lines on the final coat of primer to get the same depth as the aft part of the fuselage otherwise we may have seen the difference.

A lot of work is still needed on this model but I would say that the most challenging one is behind now.










See you soon for updates







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