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RF-8G Trumpeter & Fisher Model

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Thanks Squizzy!!!


A little update for today.


I worked on the forward bulkhead of the wing box. 

I happy with the result obtained in a 0,13 mm steerene sheet even if it is not well centered on the fuselage.

Anyway, we will not see the default once the wing in place.






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On 5/27/2019 at 11:00 PM, Fancherello said:

Very nice work. Not an easy one, the eye is mercyless on such patterns and you did very good, honestly.


Merci Fanch ! 

Honestly it is nor easy to adapt three kits together (Trumpeter, Aires and Fisher ) especially around the main landing gear bay.



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Hi everyone,


Today I worked (hard) on the speed brake box which is very chalanging especially because the forward bulkhead of the Aires main landing gear bay does not fit the Fisher kit.

I had to changed my mind on the way to detail the Speed brake compartment.

Here is the result here below. I am still working on it.








Bye for now




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