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Thank you, Barracuda!

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We know that there are a number of vendors who support our hobby and the LSP folks are really good at highlighting the (mostly) good and the (sometimes) bad of our hobby.  This is the 'good' part.


Like most people here I'll acquire a kit and then the various bits and bobs of aftermarket I want to go with it, and this may take a year or two (or longer) before I actually open boxes, and start the build process. 


That is the case of my latest build where I picked up from SprueBrothers some Barracudacast bits for my Tamiya 1/32 Mustang as well as directly in Phoenix at Nationals.  Low and behold, I started building and realized I was missing one of the main resin pieces for the cockpit.  Oh crap!  After doing an exhaustive search to make sure I didn't just drop it behind my table or that it got hidden under something I contacted Barracuda Customer Service.


I explained what I had purchased, and from whom and as close to when as I could cobble together and asked if they could send the missing piece.  If you have done business with Barracuda before you already know the answer:  of course!  It is on its way as we speak. 


This only my second experience with their customer service.  The first was when I had ordered the Tempest nose correction, and a few weeks after receiving the part, I received another one as the first apparently had some molding issues that I had not even noticed with the first bit.  (And I've STILL not started that build!).  

Thank you Shelly at Barracuda!


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