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What’s the best undercoat and sealer for decals?

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I use Future all the time to avoid fogging my clear parts up. It works well for that, and lets me use super thin CA too...............but Ive never had luck using it as a clear coat when there are so many other options out there that for me work a LOT better. 


MRPs two part clear is good but pricey. Their single part clear also works very well, and can be used over most anything and dries very fast. I also love Model Masters Ultra gloss clear, which is a lacquer based product similar to the carrier in MRP.


Whatever I used to lay down a base clear for decals, is what I use to go back over the top of the decals. I also try to stick to the same type of dull coat as the gloss coat I used to keep the potential for possible chemical reactions down. 

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