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Iranian F-4D 3-6712, 71st TFS, '' DONE''.......

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Hi everyone, that one is sure not dead yet, all decals have been done, top and under....




And now, the scary part.....Oh boy.... :unsure:






And some Accessoires done.....




Will put some more next week after my post shading....


Hope you still like and have fun.


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Hey guys,

just a quick show to let you know that this one is still on and almost done.


Decided to used Ultra-Matt Lucky varnish from Mig for my final coat, very easy to use but, Oh boy.... it's way too flat..

it almost look like a tank.... :doh:


Here some picture with different lighting.....,they were never that flat in real life...

an even finish and very smooth but way too flat.








So now I'm waiting the other varnish I ordered from Mig and tone up that finish..... 

and these days with that Covid, delivery is a PITA, and seems to takes forever.


See you soon with more, hope you like and have fun.


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Thanks to members help, I was able to tone down my flat finish by spraying TS-80 Tamiya Flat clear coat 

and planning to add a little sheene with an old T-shirt and wool......




I know it's kind of hard to see the difference but trust me, it's way better than it was....:beer:


Was done with the paint, and time for the metal part.... and tape......lol.







Running out of Model Master Magnesium metalizer, had to improvised with other finish...




And it end up very close.... 







Getting closer to the finish line for this one....Yeah.



And few touch-up on accessories.



Will try to finnish it by next week and show it in RFI soon.....


Hope you still like it and have fun..




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4 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Wonderful.  One of my favorite Phantom schemes.



Did you make this tool?  And if so, could you explain how you made the slide mechanism?


Thank you.




Hey Mark,

It's basically a Quick bar clamp, you'll need two of those, the sliding part is the end part of the clamp that I rearrange to hold my srcibber.


You'll find more info in my Mig-23 WIP on page 4...



If you have more question, don't esitate to ask.




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4 hours ago, Daniel Leduc said:

Yeap call this one done, and it's about time....lol.




The only thing left to do is gluing  the canopys, a little bit of dirt and ''VOILA !''

Down to photo shoot..... sometime this week-end to the RFI.  B)




Excellent and stunning in that scheme! I have the same plan for my F-4D, and an F-14A as well.

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