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Jennings Heilig

NKC-135A “Liki Tiki”

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Here's my latest.  NKC-135A 55-3124 was used from 1964 to 1972 by MIT’d Lincoln Laboratory on Project PRESS (Pacific Range Electromagnetic Signature Studies) operating out of Hickam AFB, flying down to the area of Kwajalein, looking at the reentry signatures of various warheads to better understand the physics of ballistic reentry vehicles.  She was one of the more unusual NKC mods - note her foreshortened cargo hatch with the roll up shuttered door immediately aft!  In addition, she carried the large optically clear windows so characteristic of the NKC fleet in the 1960s.  Her boom was replaced with a fuel dump pod.  She spent a long career at Wright-Patterson AFB well into the 1990s, and was the testbed for the Advanced Air Refueling System (AARS) boom that was eventually fitted to the KC-10A.  





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