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Thanks Out2ghtcha. Another quick update. After more time sanding and filling I am starting to get somewhere. I also did a pass of primer to see the areas that still need some work. A little bit more work and I think these will be done. Let me know what you think.


At the same time I have also continued cleaning up the AC paneling. Removing the raised panels and also adding in some panels and screws that were not part of the molding. I filled in one of the access panels which didn't seem to exist on the photos I have. I am hoping this is correct. Its also interesting that in doing these photos how much clearer things are such as the errant holes in some of the panels. Will need to correct that.



As always feel free to comment or correct my assumptions.


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lovely job so far


nice safe on the intakes...sure makes the effort worth while...



Frederick Jacobs

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Thanks stusbke and Shawn for you nice words. It has been a bit since I posted and the delay is largely due to summer break and vacations. That said there has been some progress and some unprogress. It seemed like I was on track for vanquishing the intake issue and I was thinking, yup, a couple coats of paint and we can call it done. So as I was working up the intakes and cleaning up the splitter plates, I decided to dry fitted these to the intakes. What I hadn't taken into account was the bowed nature of the intake housing, and so when they were set into place, it created a vertical crack and showed a 1mm offset between the front and back portion of the intake. A picture would probably make sense, but I did not take one. This was highly frustrating and so this was set aside for awhile. To maintain progress however, I decided to work on the cockpit and exhaust. The cockpit comes together fairly easily and this is enhanced with some Eduard coloured photo etch. I tried to be strategic where I used it as some details are better represented in styrene. The other challenge with the photetch is that the colour of the instrument panel is a light gray colour and not the Dark Ghost gray that should be used. I could paint the areas in question but likely would result in a poor result. Instead I found a match for the Eduard colour and used that for the upper portion of the displays. The lower portion is done in a darker gray but one that is not to far off so its not as jarring. From photos it seems that there is a bit of colour variation in the front office so this may work to my advantage.




Some light weathering and this part seems ok. Let me know if I missed something.

I also started onto the resin exhaust. I really like how this has been rendered as the fidelity is quite nice. A primer coat of black followed by Tamyia Titanium. Then a light spray of copper to get some colour variation. Once I get the rest of the tail end together, I will layer in the exhaust and burnt metal colours to darken everything down uniformly. Last  note was the use of nato green for the inner portion of the can. Not sure what the ideal colour should be, but it seemed close to what I have seen in photos. Finally the intake was dealt with by using chrome and aluminum. Again, any thoughts would be helpful.




Thats it for now. I do have some questions for the folks on this forum but that is a tomorrow thing. Thanks for reading.




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So I am hoping to get some information from the knowledgable folks on this forum. I have settled on doing the Jolly Rogers VF-84 and the A/C 7298 during 1971. This is using Hobby decals set of markings. So here goes.

1. Does this A/C or F4J's during this time period have slats. I have read that this was something that was on certain airframes. 

2. Looking at ordnance loads. What would be a typical air to ground package? I have read various sources and they tend to differ. I was looking at Centre fuel tank, 2 sparrows in the rear and then 6 Snakes and 6 regular MK.82 on TER's and MER. Does that sound reasonable? as the TER mounts to a pylon that carries sidewinders, should I include the rails for the sidewinders and /or add include some missiles?


3. As I am setting the bird at launch, I am trying to understand how cables are attached. I can see that 2 of the cables attached under the intakes but the others are a mystery.



Hopefully there are some answers out there.



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