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1/32 F-4J Phantom (Complete)

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Thanks everyone. Neo, Your probably right, I had washed the model before building nut perhaps needed to do a more thorough job. It has made the process very frustrating. 


So a quick update. After being sick for a couple of weeks and other holiday commitments it has put me against the wall. I have been able to address the paint rips and started using the dry transfer. I was really looking forward to using these but after applying a few markings realized this was not going to work. The larger graphics seemed to work the best and I was able to apply these without issue. However the smaller ones created the problem. Parts of them would not transfer over and so I would continue to apply more pressure and keeping rubbing them to no avail. They would then pucker the paint underneath or the paint would adhere to the transfer sheet and rip. Realizing that this wasn't going to work, I changed horses and went back to building up the kit with the Tamiya decals. So far this has been fine however some of these have cracked or ripped on me. Needless to say, with 5 days before the end, I am on a knife edge between completing the kit and disaster should something not work out. I am hoping to have the decals finished up in the next day so I can do a clear coat, final assembly.and weathering. Fingeres crossed.






Thanks again for everyones support.


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Ok. Its done. Not my finest work but I definitely learned a lot from this that I will apply to my other builds. I may look at building up a F-4D in the future such as the SWS kit. But for now, I am happy to see this finished. Thanks everyone for support and the advice. I hope everyone has great new year.













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Looks amazing. Great job.


Can't believe you had that much bad luck and still hit the deadline with an amazing result!! What a great spirit

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