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“Finished” Guess what? Another Lanc

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On 2/13/2019 at 10:22 PM, LSP_Ron said:

Yes looking great,


I suspect Canadian built Mk X cockpit and nav area's were all black and British built Lanc's we not. 




I believe even some of the Brit Lancasters have black cockpits. I saw a picture of one that looked hand painted.

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Word of advice. The instructions call for the installation of the propeller blades on a particular way. The problem is that by following those directions the profile shape of the blades will be backwards. It is hardly noticeable but for me it needs to be adjusted.

Please see the pictures.









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After a couple of months hiatus on the Lanc, here some pictures of the work so far.


The fabric detail on the ailerons is quite heavy on the top and nonexistent in the bottom. Also the trim tabs don’t  have actuators. All that was corrected.








The landing lights and heater intakes have been corrected also.






Some painting:














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6 hours ago, dennismcc said:

Seeing the paint go on makes me realise that I would really like one but cost and size preclude it, so I will just ride along and enjoy your build.






I agreed, 

This is a terribly big model. My first and  last kit of this size. There is no way I will glue the wings, I don’t have a place to put it if I do. It is a shame because the wing root joint is not very good. 


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Nice progress for sure!


Ever thought about hanging it from the wall?  Obviously it would likely take a better/stronger mound than they used for fighters, but I think it could be doable for a model the size of the Lanc in 32nd








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