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1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers

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Been working on this one on and off for a while now. It is the much lauded Tamiya rendition of the venerable F-14A Tomcat.

The kit was built with the addition of Fine Mold's plastic seat belts and weighted wheels from DEF Model. Painting was done with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with enamels and oils. Decals from the kit but they were a little thick.

With superb engineering, this kit was a joy to put together. Feedback welcome and hope you enjoy the photos!

































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9mmwUB.jpgVery nice!!  Here’s the real thing I shot in the summer of 1977 at the Selfridge ANGB open house.  Kodacolor II print film (scanned negative) shot on my dad’s Argus C3 with no light meter!



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The best looking fighter aircraft ever, with the best looking squadron markings, looks awesome! I'm planning a future build of a 1/32 f-14 b, but thanks for sharing the photos! 

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Looks good like the markings I'm not a jet guy at all so hears a dumb question what is with the one nozzle open and the other closed ?? 

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On 1/27/2019 at 2:19 AM, scimitarf1 said:

Great photo - hard to believe that was over 40 year ago. Interesting to see both nozzles fully open. 


Yep.  I was 15, and my big sister drove me to Detroit to my friend Keith’s house, and his dad drove us up to Selfridge for the show.  I intend to do my Tamiya kit with both nozzles wide open and not a hint of weathering anywhere :)

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