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1/32 MH-53E Sea Dragon - 3D printed / scratchbuilt

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No progress at the moment. Last Friday, I have visited my friend Kai in Frankfurt to pick up a cabinet he got for me - finally a proper one to display my models! The arrival of the cabinet has led to a complete re-arrangement of my hobby room which resulted in a huge mess - and I mean even more mess than before ... It will take a few more days until the hobby room will be operational again. Here's a photo of the new cabinet and its predecessor on the right which now serves as storage space for a part of my stock. The reflection of yours truly could not be avoided, sorry for that...



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Tim aka Wunwinglow was so kind to print the sponsons on his Form2 for me - thank you very much, Tim!  I have spent the last evening preparing the first sponson - the nonskid on the walkways was applied using Tamiya putty, rivets lost during sanding were replaced with Archer ones. The walkways are very rough on MH-53Es, hence the use of Tamiya Putty instead of Mr Surfacer. The center fuselage windows were closed and puttied as well.









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It's insanely amazing work that you do! I really envy you fellas that can do this 3D printing

How are you going to put the interior in with the body closed up like that? Is the bottom removable or will you just slide it all in through the rear as one piece?

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Posted (edited)

As already mentioned, I will split the fuselage again to work on the interior! ;) I would have preferred to keep the fuselage closed and to insert it from behind once finished, but I have to work on the inside walls of the fuselage and this would be virtually impossible with the fuselage closed.   


Thank you all for your kind comments - it's a huge beast indeed! During the weekend, I have managed to draw and print some footsteps on my Photon. The small ones are located on the fuselage, the big block with the wider ones is located on the RH side of the rotor housing. 




Big holes in big models require big tools! 




Footsteps installed and puttied. They will hopefully be perfectly flush with the surface after sanding. 



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