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1/32 MH-53E Sea Dragon - 3D printed / scratchbuilt

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12 hours ago, Radders said:

This is so cool.... great project. Any chance of seeing it next to something for a size up? 



That would be cool.    Would love to see it with something highly recognizable like a Tamiya paint pot. 

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My messy paint booth offers the perfect background for the requested photos - there are quite a few things to give you an idea of the size of the beast. 






I am currently running test prints of the sponsons on my Photon but I am not happy at all with the results. I may have to find another solution to print them...

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Thanks for asking, Olivier! My little resin printer sadly cannot handle the sponsons properly, the parts are always slightly deformed - probably because they are too big. Tim aka Wunwinglow is so kind to print them for me on his Form 2, so (near) perfect parts will be available soon. In the meantime, I have made a little test with failed parts to see how it looks. Pretty massive, I'd say... 




The part is very dusty and the defects are obvious, but you get an idea of the surface detail. 




I am currently printing the engines; these are simple low res parts which will require a lot of work to obtain a perfect surface, but they should be a good base to work with. I will post a photo with the RH engine in place soon. 

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