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L/F some Peter Townsend Hurricane decals

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Evening! I'm in the position of having so much crap around here that I can't find what's in the stash. Its a sad problem to have, I suppose. Anyway, I can't seem to find some decals that I suspect I have. I may have sold them on Ebay a year or two back, but can't remember so the next best thing is - buy some new ones! Yeah, I know, sad... I'm looking for decals for Peter Townsend's Mk.I Battle of Britain Hurricane, either for the Fly or PCM 1.32nd kits, or for the big Trumpeter 1.24th scale kit. I've been re-reading Townsend's Duel of Eagles again, and being a history teacher we just finished up the Battles of France, Dunkirk and Britain. I actually feel rather proud of myself in that one of my students actually watched The Darkest Hour after seeing a clip of the Fight on the Beaches speech in my class. So, self-back patting aside, are there any decals for Townsend's ride?


Many thanks,



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