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Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa - construction works

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I'm back from my vacation and started to add more colour to the cockpit.

I looked at every picture of the interior I could find and I'll try to keep it as realistic as possible.

First contrast to the RLM02 is RLM66. I decided to paint the IP, the morse code box (hardly visible in pictures but maybe darker than the surrounding) and the instrument panel above the radios (quite sure about this one) in RLM66.



The camera and the radio equipment recieved a blue grey similar to RAL7032 mixed from Tamiya XF23 and XF63. I finally found the reference to that colour in the late war RLM colour thread. The radio equipment appears in some b/w pictures in a different colour than the quite bright RLM02. The rear seat was painted in three stages with Vallejo colours:

First dark brown base, followed by a very thin coat of beige on the "mountains" of the surface and finally blending with beige via drybrushing.



Since I'm still pushing the painting of the instrument faces along, I turned my attention to the MG15. The black base was followed by dark brown for the rear end which was made of bakelite. I added some structure to the brown with a light brown pencil. The barrel cover recieved three coats of brown to show the wrinkles but the rear still needs paint.

The shell collector bag needs some colour, too. I'm not sure wheter it'll be brown or something like field-grey. The metal parts were carefully polished with graphite from a soft pencil.

Unfortunately the effect disappears in the picture. I'll try to shoot a better one later on.


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Detail painting in the cockpit is 90% complete (right hand console):



The instrument panel was quite a struggle. The raised indices on the dials are really hard to paint. I laid down a white based followed by numerous ultra thin black coats (like a wash) to leave the raised areas white. Well in theory...



I do prefer dials without raised details and individual decals for them!

Enough of the ultra close ups - let's get to the dry fit of the cockpit in the fuselage:








When the last bits are done (probably tomorrow) I'll add a gloss coat, placards, washing, chipping and then I can finally close the fuselage for good!

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One quick shot from the bench:



I put the cockpit placards into place. They're all from MDC. The ones on the radio equipment are in 1/48, since there was no way to get the 1/32 ones in place.
The Mr. Mark Softer will hopefully do it's magic work and all the decals wills ttle properly without silvering.

I'm considering to put the MDC instrument dials on the IP because I'm really not happy with my painting.
What do you guays think?


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I think they look pretty good, too. Inside a cockpit and not blown up, it is really hard to pick up details anyway. Nice work you have going there!

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Well I'll leave it as it is right now. A small test with a MDC decal on the clock (right beneath the Revi) wasn't convincing for me.

The decal looks great - way better than what I've achieved but the Dragon dials are just a tad bigger than the decals.

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I finally painted the gloss coat on!
After a liberal amount of time (read 5 days) I got to start the washing.

I'm in general a huge fan of this technique but I think it's usually overdone. My wash for the ockpit were in fact three different one for the different surfaces (RLM02, bluegrey and RLM66).

The RLM02 wash basically consists of raw umber, blue and some white which were mixed to look exactly like the RLM02. A small amount of black in the mix ensured a nice emphasis on the details.



As you can see - the effect isn't overly prominent. The wires on the left sidewall were cleaned up after the photo!



I'll apply a flat coat to seal everythin up later on. With some chipping and the construction of the HGW seatbelts (may take some time - it's a first time for me) the cockpit will soon be ready to be installed!


Thanks for watching


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