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Thanks very much guys!

I've taken the next step and begun gluing the rear fuselage components together. Almost but not quite completely ignoring the instructions, I did look at them now and then to make sure I got all the parts in (so far) I also tried sanding down the back of some parts so thin that the vents would appear functional, a lot of sanding, to be sure. also I cut back the slots in the gun vents to be "see through" I guess pictures tell a better story than I do...

The gun bay gas purge vents being sanded through from behind


the top gun vents also cleaned up


My method of fuselage construction (disregarding the instructions method) I joined the wings to the top half


and the lower rear sides to the main component, eliminating the potential for sanding and filling. In the image the bend in the lower fuselage becomes apparent, gluing small sections at a time works this bend out


Assembled lower half and upper half nearing assembly.


the vertical line visible here has already been filled and sanded smooth with CA, the white horizontal line is a shim of .010" sheet (my methods may have been a bit too sloppy) causing the gap. The shim has filled it I believe...paint will tell.


The opposite side came out much better


bottom views




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6 minutes ago, BloorwestSiR said:

Great progress Chris. The multi part rear fuselage is supposed the one of the bigger challenges on the kit. It looks like you have a good handle on it.



Thanks Carl, it's only through experience building a D version years ago...Should I put a pic up?... and through forums like this where others have shown how to fix the fit...I'm standing on the shoulders of those who've come before me.

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I never test fitted the LERX's I guess I got a bit ahead of myself? In any case after reading your post I remembered I had failed to even check the fit!

I'm happy to report the fit is not bad if not good or great? I think it could've been better if done by a more competent modeller but it came out ok with a smear of Vallejo plastic putty in the joint. In my handling of the model I managed to break the joint on the upper rear deck and ejection seat, I'll fix them back in place when the major structural work has been completed I guess to avoid potential permanent damage. 


The reason I spend so much time at the bench...



The port side LERX attached and faired in


the starboard side also done


and the bottom


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Nice work, Chris!


1 hour ago, chrish said:

The reason I spend so much time at the bench...




That's cold! A friend of mine used to live in Saskatoon, and coming from Australia, he found the cold winter temperatures difficult to adjust to. I know I couldn't do it!



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I'll definitely be staying inside when I can, my daytime job gets me out in the cold when it can but evenings are nice and warm in the hobby room!  

I've got a bit of paint on the Hornet last night and tonight and spent a few hours making masks (I think a die cutter could be in my future...) to shoot the hornet stripes. All the gray's are Vallejo as my favorite paint maker (Tamiya) doesn't seem to make to many exact matches for modern jets. The orange and yellow are Tamiya colors, granted they are a mix as well but a lot less farting around to make a bit of orange and yellow than all that gray!


The bottom, light gray on


top color medium gray


hornet yellow/ orange


masking in progress for the black now...no pics yet


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