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MiG-17 vs MiG-15

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Well, in comparison, the MiG-15 is far better!


It looks like they started with a badly pantographed copy of the Tamiya 1/48th kit to make the 15 and then modified it to create the 17. Unfortunately, I do not know where they got their measures or which plan they used but the wings need a complete reconstruction as the chord and angles are erroneous over the whole length! There are other errors such as wingtips shape issues, fences length, aileron shapes, stab shapes, panel lines and wrong LG bays but in comparison they can be "more easily" corrected. Last, correcting the wing implies a modification of the fuselage wing fairing! The nose has also issues, as well as the front LG bay, the canopy shapes, the rudder chord, the airbarkes shape, the full cockpit is a toy, etc... Should I go on?


I have one on which I already worked a lot. The very sad aspect is the fact the Profimodeller and Eduard sets are made to detail the erroneous features of the kit rather than correct them (e.g. wing or airbrake details). So, either you correct and scratchbuild everything, either you just correct most of the issues and use the detail sets but do not really change the wings or fully correct the airbrakes. Finally this is the option I have chosen as I did not want to change that build into a close to full scratchbuild... :-(

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