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2nd build in 30 years... Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-1D

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I am pretty rubbish with decals but there will be someone along soon to help you out properly, however the little knowledge that I have says that you need a gloss finish to lay your decals on, some people use a gloss varnish coat to achieve this, some people also recommend using warm water to soak the decals, I do not leave the decals soaking in water too long just long enough so that they are thoroughly soaked, I then wait until the decal is loose on the backing paper, then wick away excess water with some kitchen roll, I have specific paint brushes to apply Micro sol onto the kit where the decal is going before I put decals on the kit, once I have them in the correct place I gently smooth them out and remove any excess water from underneath them, once any air bubbles are gone then I apply some more micro sol with a brush on top of the decal. Hope this helps





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Apologies for the lack of updates. I had very nearly finished the model, ll the decals had been applied and painting complete. I was in the process of connecting the wings to the hinges, which I left to dry in the flight position before folding up... Disaster, the hinge on the left wing wouldn't go past 90 degrees, so I carefully manipulated it and then SNAP... Those hinges are utterly hopeless. 

I was so angry that the model very nearly flew for real! I can see no way of easily repairing the hinge and am so annoyed that I've had to put the model away until I can safely come back to it!

I have decided to tackle a Tamiya Spitfire XVi 1/32 next and hopefully that will come out a little better... I will post work in progress in case anyone is interested...

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