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Building the Revell He 219 is Now Available!

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Howdy folks,


After a protracted development period, I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook, Building the Revell He 219A-7 in 1/32 Scale, by our very own Iain Ogivlie, is now available!




In this 101-page eBook, Iain tackles the Revell 1/32 scale He 219A-7 kit, finishing it to a superb standard. Along with covering the construction, painting, decalling, and weathering of the model, Iain navigates a simple but ingenious way of correcting the kit’s major flaw: misshapen engine nacelles that are set at an incorrect angle.


Along with Iain’s terrific build, the book also features a a review of the base kit, a selection of photos taken of the real He 219 a NASM, and a set of appendices covering available aftermarket products and reference books.


The book is available from our web shop for 15 Australian dollars.



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I've already noticed some confusion about this title, so I just wanted to make sure that everybody understands that it's an eBook only; there's no physical, printed version, and all our books are like this. I explain the rationale for this in a blog post on the website entitled "Why Digital?":




I hope that will clear up any remaining confusion about the nature of not just this book, but all of our books!



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