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HK B-25J as "Vestal Virgin"

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Greetings all;


Here is my contribution to the MEGB, the HK Models B-25J as "Vestal Virgin" from the film Catch-22. I'm not going crazy with AM stuff, just the "necessities" for this big gal, mainly the G-Factor bronze landing gear legs, and I have an extra set of Master B-17 .50-cal barrels to use in place of the kit plastic. Also a set of Eduard masks for all that glass. The KitsWorld decals will be ordered later today. Photos:


The obligatory box shot:




The AM goodies:




I don't yet have the decals on hand, but here are some images from the KitsWorld website, my thanks to them for that:






Also, I'm well aware of the propeller blade shape issues. I'm pretty happy that I think the perfect solution dropped in my lap when the HK Lancaster arrived. It has what, to me, look like near-perfect prop blades. Here's a photo to show the comparison:




I'd like very much to hear others' opinions of using the spare prop blades from the Lanc kit. The butt ends are not the same but that doesn't worry me, I'll pin them. A better solution for me than resin props.


Thanks for checking in and let the fun begin!


Jim "Jimbo" Harr

High Bridge, NJ

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5 minutes ago, Shawn M said:

heya Jim, not sure about the props but if they look better to you and are the right diameter I say go for it.

Assuming the B25 kit props are on the top, the Lanc ones look way better to me too!


Haha yes Shawn the top ones are the included blades from the B-25. The length of the Lanc blades, once the butt-ends are trimmed (they have different mounting lugs) are within 1/2 mm (.020”). Works for me! Thanks for looking in. 



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Had a bit of a shopping spree when i ordered the decals; I couldn't resist the Eduard cockpit and nose interior color PE. Nice sets. Got the decals as well. And surprised myself with the resin wheels from squadron; I forgot I ordered them (I blame the Pinot Noir). Don't know why, the kit wheels look fine to me...




Some reference materials ;-)




And I have jumped in to begin construction; this is my first HK build, I like the plastic so far, very nice. Worked on the R-2600 engines, removing the offending second set of pushrod rubes.






Thanks for checking in!



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Thank you Ryan, and Håkan! Don’t let those trays of parts fool you, my shop is a disaster and that’s the only way I can keep things straight :lol:


I’m slowly chipping away; here are the engines coming together, still lacking wiring, rocker covers, more painting and weathering:




Thanks for looking in!



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Slow, incremental progress. Not a lot of personal bench time unfortunately. But I do manage to steal away a bit of time here and there. I’m enjoying everyone else’s builds of course! But here’s a little bit of progress, engines ready for rocker covers and exhausts, cowlings coming together.





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Lovely looking engines Jimbo. If you are putting on the cowl panels, you won't see the rear set of rocker covers and can leave them off if you want. 


One thing I ran into on my two is the reduction gear cover. They're moulded upside down stock. When I built mine, I used the AMS set on one pair and got them right side up but left the other pair stock and they were upside down but I didn't notice until much later. 




One day I'll get around to finishing them. 



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