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Shawn M

BF-110G4, Dragon + AIMs = 2Z+AA

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2 minutes ago, mozart said:

Not a lot Shawn, go for "ease" every time if the difference isn't too glaringly obvious!  Who'll know?

Everyone who's following along lol. Seriously though I almost allways choose the easy way out,  but I'm sure Shawn, with your ability  you wont muck it up.

Looking good!


Cheers Bevan 

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thanks Gang!

With the impending arrival of Winter Storm Gia and my wife out of town, I'm set for a great weekend of model building.

I've been eyeballing the exhaust panel off and on all week and will be going the easy route as it will facilitate a stronger cowling joint in the end.

I will take pics of what I'm talking about of course.

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It seems I spend as much time at this table as I do at the actual work bench, that said the extra effort pays off.





I completed the modified exhaust openings with the help of my dremel tool and some good whisky




once that portion was done I had to figure out how to mount the exhaust manifolds as the conversion doesn't use the engine blocks,

After assembling a kit engine block, some  measuring and more math I came up with a solution.


Here is the void:



my solution




then I started to work on the actual exhausts. While Johns flame suppressors are just fine, the amount of time and high risk of FUBAR led me to making my own.

Seen here pinned to the modified manifolds.




I've got a plan, so stick around


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Be aware though Shawn that John's Eberspachers quite correctly are not absolutely straight, there is a slight angle towards the tail end, this to "avoid" the exhaust gases going into the radiators. You're right about the time division between building and studying plans and drawings, each in equal measure it seems! 

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yes you are correct Max, I wanted the glue to set up fully before adding the subtle bend to the aft end.

I used an aluminum tube slid over the Eberspacher to prevent from crushing the tube with my fingers and gave it a nice subtle bend

Should be able to get some more time in today before my wife gets home.

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got the 'kink in the exhaust and did some final test fitting, note that the glued assembly will not have the angle relative to the centerline shown







and then, primer happened!










now this will get the rest of the day to dry, then I can start painting the interior surfaces of sub assemblies, its almost time to start gluing stuff together for good!


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That's a very neat solution Shawn, and far easier to assemble I would imagine than my individually pinned exhaust stubs, it was a bit of a nightmare getting all their faces aligned and level to be able to glue easily to the flame damper.  I'm sure you've given the potential painting/masking task a lot of consideration too!?

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Thanks guys!


Max, my paint scheme is very simple late war 2 tone so minimal masking!


As soon as you relax and assume "oh Im back to kit parts, this'll be easy"....you FUBAR it up. My lack of concern and Dragon's vague instructions have bitten me.

Yes its true...I did not Test Fit before gluing the landing gear together. I ended up with great strong gear legs and nice joints...but a mirrored part makes them unusable and would weaken them too much to re-use if I cut and correct.

Thank god I have another kit on hand!


The bad, that leg is supposed to line up with the two holes in the gear bay




yup i did it to both sides, at least Im consistent




time to start over again



Edited by Shawn M

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