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Shawn M

BF-110G4, Dragon + AIMs = 2Z+AA

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Wo hoo!

Its finally time to start this project and with a year to do it I can take my own sweet a55 time to do it, lol.

The 110 and its variants have been a fascination of mine for some time now, only to be eclipsed by my obsession with the PBM Mariner.

Books, GB's of data etc have been amassed over the years:





When John released his G4 conversion, I was one of the first in line shouting "take my money!".

He did, I got a set and then waited for the right time to tackle the beast.

Now is that time.





I had the bits, books and bobs to make it happen, I needed to man up and just do it.

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Having followed closely along while other (more brave then I) jumped in and completed their conversions, I knew I needed to start at the wings/nacelles and get that tricky bit done first.

This area uses the most resin bits in one area to make the change from early airframe to F/G.

After studying the instructions for both the kit and the conversion, I started cutting out plastic and resin.

There were also some small details that needed to be addressed before I got to far into the conversion.

I drilled out and added a lightening hole in the gear bays, seen here with the AIMS Radiator housing.



I had to scratch build the weapons "hump" found on the later G4's, although a simple enough shape this took hours to complete.



By taking my time and thinking ahead, I started freeing the resin bits and offering them up to the kit parts, leaving the fine lip on the parts allowed me to fine tune the fit without resorting to a butt joint



I got the rest of the parts free'd up and started to test fit them as well, this puzzle will be a challenge



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Well done Shawn, glad to see you've bitten the bullet and made a start.  You've hit the nail on the head with the major key factor......time!!  John's conversion, whilst very good, is not easy to understand in places so having plenty of time to study, assess and decide what needs to be done is essential.  Good luck with your build, after your Uhu I'm sure it will be magnificent!

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thanks guys!

Carl, should be a nice build OOB, the sprue attachment points are like logs in places but so far the fit has been pretty darn nice.

Jeff, its a big un for sure! With a 219 and two 110's im gonna need a bigger room.

Thanks Max!

The exhaust area is really abstract to assemble and I will need to mod mine for the later style exhaust to boot!

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I dont track my hours at the bench and for good reason. I know I have hours and hours into this already and feel like I've barely done anything!

So much cutting, test fitting, sanding, tweaking and repeating.....

But I LOVE every damn minute of it :p


After working and fitting my first batch of conversion parts and kit parts, I gave them a bath and sat down the next day to start gluing some bits together and cutting more off!


While not as near as big as Toms Sunderland, you do need some room for a project this size. I cant imagine you guys with your '24's, 17's and so on!




Got both gear bays built out


also fitted the kit radiators, no need to chain drill 


then I fitted the resin magneto covers to the kit wings, fit like a glove I tell ya!




Glued on the ventral weapons bulge



started building out the new resin lower cowls, I know I will need to mod the exhaust panels for the late style exhaust Im going to use



working on the tail feathers while glues dried



started to test fit the nose




got the spinners and backing plates freed from the pour stubs and cleaned up


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