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20th Anniversary Monthly Raffles!

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6 hours ago, Sir Spendalot said:

Thanks all. Was really surprised and of course, very happy to get the news. I don't own any resin kits and this looks something really special. Hope I can do it justice.





Congrats again Paul, SW kits are really pretty amazing resin kits. The fit is usually right on, and as resin goes, SW seems to have little to no shrinkage. 

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1 hour ago, Out2gtcha said:



Never!  :lol: I never say the "C" word when it comes to my stash! 

I had a "bucket list" of kits I wanted, and I recently bought the last one on it, so I've been VERY reluctant to buy any more. I probably will eventually, but I'm going to focus on completing a few before I do. Plus, there are some new things that will come out that I will simply have to buy....

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