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"White 22" 1./KG(J)6 Erla 109G-10

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Very nice job. I like how you used a variety of AM parts and got them together so nicely. Your paint job looks great. I would like to ask you or anyone who could answer a question. On the Hase 109G-10 kits there is a different belly cover (sorry don't know the tech name) then what is used in the G-6 and G-14 releases that has a thin cover slot that can be cleaned out to open a slot for clearing out the used shell cases. Sorry to ask here, but I saw that your build uses the larger gun ,but there is no slot for the shell cases. Of course maybe the Erla G-10s did something else. Again great build an sorry to have asked the ? here.

   Mike Horina

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That is looking great!

One little thing that got my attention: There's a little bit of red left of the fuselage band (middle height of the cross), probably the mask lifted a little.

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