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"White 22" 1./KG(J)6 Erla 109G-10


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First fresh build for 2019. Just finishing off a P51 from the 15th FG 308th


This is part 1 of a 2 ship build based up Piotr Forkasiewicz artwork for the eduard 1/48th G10 profipack.


I recently picked up the Japo KG(J)6 109 book and it has several erla built machines which feature the red and black chequered defence band so a red stripe/red chequered build off was on.


I haven't decided upon the exact plane just yet.

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13 hours ago, Thunnus said:

When I saw the AMUR Reaver spinner, I thought you might be using their cowling as well but I see you have different plans with the AIMS engine!

Hi John


Funny you say that as I do have it in the stash and after your epic build fancied a go. The aims bits came out (top gun cover and lower cowling) so put it back. I've about 3 more Revel G-10's in the stash so it will get used when I pluck up the courage LOL



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And we're off...



Trying to 'build' quicker/smarter than previous efforts so starting with the main parts and the associated am.


So with this in mind spent a couple of hours removing, cleaning and test fitting the Barracuda wing inserts and Aims new top cowling.



Pleased to say both were quick and easy with a great fit.





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3 hours ago, Scale32 said:

Hey Aaron there is no doubt your a 109 fanatic!! I've got the new JaPo book as well some cool schemes for sure. Build on mate!


Cheers Bevan 

Thanks Bevan. 


Look forward to seeing some of your 109's too. I use your cockpit weathering techniques as standard for my builds.



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20 hours ago, Thunnus said:

Excellent start to the build, Aaron!  I like how the Barracuda parts fit.  I had trouble with my wing inserts from Alley Cat (too small) and ended up buying the G-6 kit to get the small wing bulges on my build.  

Thanks. They'll need a shim of plasicard on either their edge or the fuselage but otherwise spot on. I did get a touch worried when I first tested as they were a bit depressed but after the wheel bays were installed they took the same shape as the outer wing. 

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