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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14

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I started out by painting the rear engine intake housing, rad and exit. Its probably going to be impossible to see, but I put a piece of screen on the upper rad:













I initially had the part above boxed in to save the seam being seen at the bottom, but the face is SO low, it didnt line up with the lip of the intake, so I just ended up filing the lower seam smooth and painting it.

After that was done I installed the rad, rad housing, trunking and rear engine shaft. Once all that got glued in the port side, I closed up the fuse:










I also got the front and rear props and spinners cut off their sprues and roughly cleaned up. This is going to be one BIG beast:













I also got a start on the Yaho IP, which comes with some very smooth "glass" to the instrument faces. The panel beside the Yaho IP is the OOB part that resides at about a 45 deg angle to the IP right in front of it, and because of the way the Do-335 windscreen is, both the back of the IP and this panel will be fully visible after everything is painted. Ill be adding instrument cases and wiring to the back of the IP, and scraping off the OOB detail and adding some more wire looms on  the OOB part:












Thanks for dropping in on me!





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1 minute ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Nice work, Brian! Fun kit, isn't it?



It is!  It really fits super nice.   Everything on it really fits together positively, and so far the detail OOB is really well done.   

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Love'n the progress so far and those missiles look supurb.


Q.... the seat belts kinda wash out against the RLM 02 seat did you add a wash to them? I think it would add a little more visual interest. Not that its not interesting though! Just thinking out loud.


Great work Brian.


Cheers Bevan 

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You're really steaming along, Brian! I am still working on the engines; and I need to backtrack a bit because I just got my PE sets and it has some for the engine! Oh, well. There is a nice set of latches in there for the engine access panels, too.

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That's quite a bit more than a "bit of progress" Brian. You're just flying through this build which I think says lots about both the quality of the kit and your enthusiasm for getting back to the bench. 



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I got the wiring done behind the IP, of which there will be a surprising amount showing. There is the IP itself, and then an angled panel ahead of it that follows the contour of the base of the windscreen.

The windscreen got finished off with some various sizes of plastic rod for instruments in the back, followed by some yellow wire used for car spark plug wires. Yes, I know, its overscale, but I still think it will look good under the windscreen when done. The forward angled panel I painted raw aluminum for some variation, and used some EZ Line in bundles to busy that area up:










The angled aluminum panel went in first, as it dictates where the upper cowl/gunbreach panel sits, so I glued that in, then glued the top/gun breach panel in to that. You can see here I also glued in the forward nose ring, as it mates up to the top gun breach panel:











I then glued in the two gun cover panels. Both of the panels fit fairly well with only a bit of force and a tiny bit of CA to take up a very minor gap. Sanding still to come:


















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Next up was a design for the  Ruhrstahl X-4 missile's joystick control in the cockpit.  This is just a piece of stretched sprue for the joystick itself, a small #9 shot of lead for the ball control it connects to, a square of styrene sheet for the box itself, an AirScale cockpit placard for the surround and some EZ Line for the electrical wires. I just drilled out the back of the box to accept the lead ball, then glued on the joystick:










Finally added to the IP, and IP glued in. The only thing left to do in the pit now is to get the Ruhrstahl X-4 elbow rest installed which will go on the starboard lower console:








Once glued in, all the work behind the IP is still visible, but its HELLA crowded back there now. Its still over-scale, but should look sufficiently busy once the windscreen is glued in, as the macro is NO ones freind:
















Lastly for the weekends work, I finished off another Do-335 A-2 Trop mod, an exhaust shield for the front engine to keep the more forward positioned trop filter from picking up exhaust fumes. Its not 100% perfect, nor finished yet, but I tried to make it a flowing shape, and am to this point very happy with it:














Thats all for this weekend gents. I think I will attach the spine section to the fuselage and smooth that out, then will work on the 24 individual Quickboot exhaust stacks.


Thanks for looking in on me! 


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Bloody f%~x:&@ hell man! That’s just amazing. I love your treatment of those panels Brian. I think the weight and feel of all of that wiring, squished in as it is, looks phenomenal. Will you do any more paint enhancements in that area or is it good to go? The exhaust shield mod looks sweet as well. I’m so sorely tempted to add a do-335 to the stash :o  Thanks for sharing this amazing build. 



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