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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!


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Thanks Dennis and Andy!





This is a new one for me, but the concept is one Ive been thinking about for quite some time. After a couple hours, I had some more of the internals added, and more importantly, got some pre-shading and color on the cockpit and nose gear well.


By the time Marseille got his Do-335 A-2, most all of the Trop versions coming out of the factories in Germany had RLM02 for all the gear bays as well as the cockpit too.  The German command found that not only did  RLM 02 survive the tortuous climate in Africa better,  but also was easier for the pilots to deal with in the cockpit, as the heat built up by some of the RLM 66 cockpits got potentially dangerous. 















And finally a splash of color:














Also,  I got a bit of black put on both of the engines.  Even though I wont be having any panels open, I wanted to make sure that when the exhausts were put on, there would be no exposed plastic seen, as I wasnt sure how tight around the exhausts the engine cowling would be. In the end, these OOB engines look VERY nice to my eye, and if I was going with open panels, Id be pretty pleased with these.


The front engine on the brass rod has a substantial amount of weight in it, courtesy of some shaped to fit OOB weights that HKM provides:








All for now, as Im headed back down to the modeling cave, to further work on the interior of the big beast.







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Interesting concept and story behind the build.


Should certainly be different and striking in the desert scheme.

Are you going to add all his kill markings on the tail as per his F-4 Trop "Yellow 14" ?

Just need a what-if Meteor F4 in a desert scheme to play chase!!



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Thanks gents!  Yep, the MoJo/enthusiasm for building is back!    



5 hours ago, PhilB said:


Should certainly be different and striking in the desert scheme.

Are you going to add all his kill markings on the tail as per his F-4 Trop "Yellow 14" ?



Bingo. Only it will likely reflect 236 kills instead of his 100-something kills. I put his F-4 Trop crossed swords with leaves through my Silhouette machine, as well as the other stuff including the 14, and the "Otto" so should have an interesting look to it when done.




More progress to show today as I worked on it almost all day yesterday, and am back on the big bugger today.  And it IS a big-un too!


Pics in a bit,


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Indeed, definitely much more stress free than a lot I have worked on lately. 


Still more progress.................Im really rolling on with this one, and its basically building itself with very few exceptions.  Ive got the seat chipped up and finished (at this point minus the seat belts)  and finished up painting and adding the rudder pedals, along with a start on the control stick:



















So here is where I ended up......................Got the seat and seat belts completed, along with painting and weathering the OOB nose wheel well, which I must say is quite nice for OOB. I wasn't trying to get too crazy here, and it turned out far from perfect,  but pretty decent:





















Lastly for yesterday, last night and today's work, I got a small start on the cockpit PE. This is a mix of Eduard and the scratch bin for the side consoles and levers, and Yahu for the IP. Not played with the Yahu IP yet, but it looks VERY yummy in the package. I still have yet to add some scratch details, levers, dials and a bunch of other stuff to this. I couldnt resist a look at the pit in the fuselage. What a cool looking plane:














All for today boys. Ive been working from home all this week so progress seems hot and heavy. Ill be back on the big push/pull tonight.......











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