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Thanks for the great comments guys! 


Checksix appreciate the feedback, I always wonder if I throw too much in here. So far I’ve just judged based on what questions I ask when learning to do something new here. Will keep up the pattern :thumbsup:

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I decided to put her under the knife tonight. The fog under the canopy was killing me! Taped up all the edges and went as slow as possible with the trusty #11 blade to pop it off. Well worth it. Turns out it was dust as I expected after all the work i didon the outside to no effect. My own worst enemy...I barely had to open that pitot tube hole at all but what little ther was obviously was electrostatically attracted to the canopies ... of course. Main canopy cleaned, back seat 3/4 done due to needing something smaller and longer, and the front is about the same for same reason. Here’s how it looks now,




i figure that paint is an easy fix compared to the canopy woes. And as luck has it i have 1 more decal with bob’s Name on it :D

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After experimenting with rivets under foil I decided to upgrade my T-38A Talon. I'm of the opinion this looks so much better. For now this is the commercial BMF brand stuff. I am working on aluminum foil but my first effort was a bit lacking. 



More burnishing required do you think? 



Once I had this set up I had to add the cover between the exhausts to complete the model. Much better now don't you think?



I'm glad Paulo mentioned this type of application or I may not have tried it, or at least not for some time to come that's for sure. 

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