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Aeromarine 75/Curtiss F-5-L (Highball Express)

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So,  the Aeromarine build has reached a major milestone...

Maybe it doesn't look of much but I guarantee you it has been one of those moments, where I wasn't sure if all the work has

been worth it and the parts would all fit together and line up correctly.




Getting the engine mounts and the scratched struts to fit together with the upper wing.




The instrument panel is in place...




The radiators for the Liberty engines.




Still the oil tanks aren't in place. A lot of pipes is also needed, but it's getting there...


Cheers: Kent

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A little update on the Aeromarine build...




Oil tanks and plumbing of the Liberty engines are done, started working on the propellers.






Test fitting the parts..




Beginning to look like an Aeromarine.




The passenger figures have been altered and cleaned up a bit, to fit the cabin. 


Thanks for looking: Kent






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This is simply too good to be true - with every new progress I have to rub my eyes to 

make sure they don't fool me !!


Edited by Lothar

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