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Aeromarine 75/Curtiss F-5-L (Highball Express)

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19 hours ago, monthebiff said:

How cool is that Kent!! You may have al us LSP's popping round for tips now though as your full address is in that pic


Regards. Andy


Your absolutely welcome! Ill put the Kettle on...


Cheers: Kent

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Spending a lot of time getting the hull halves up to an acceptable finish, but they are slowly coming together.




I had to move the two triangular windows since they were too close to the wing, 'someone had run off with the measurements'...




The sliding panels for the openings of the rear passenger cabin. I've been using some of the leftover parts from the kit to close some of the gaps of the hull.




Some necessary extras from RB Productions. British terminals and some honeycomb mesh for the Liberty engine radiators.

I've also invested in some tools and wood grain stencils, they may come in handy...


Cheers: Kent




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21 hours ago, Shawn M said:

wow, fantastic work you're doing on this


Thank you Shawn.

I'm sorry, but I got carried away working on the vacuum formed superstructure...




Plug is sanded and polished, ready for the Vacuum forming...




Rear part with the cockpit.




Forward part. 1mm thick styrene sheet.




Cutout of the two parts...








Can't believe it went that well with the superstructure, no test runs just two vac forms, cutting, sanding and it fits.

I guess it's all of the trial and error of the Arado V6 build I'm benefitting from now...

But this was very fun doing it and it's a huge milestone in my head.

I think there's only critical part of the conversion remaining, the wings.


Thanks for looking in: Kent



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