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WnW Felixstowe - Finished Thanks

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hello fellows


Well looks whats back on the bench, well only just on the bench


Its rigging time and definatly time to finish this big beast. The size of this model has put me right off the WnW lancaster. i think I'll wait for the nose section releases, detailing cockpits and small sections is what i enjoy the most anyway



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Well I'm calling it finished, its a brilliantly engineering kit but my building practices have been poor.


For me the model is to big for my limited modelling space, i stuffed the decals completly, my surface prep must have been poor, i'm disapointed in my paint finish the large upper wing panels are differant colours and finishes because i painted them individually and didnt blend the finishes. I dont like the patterns on my worn surface area.......etc etc etc


I had really high hopes of a showpiece model but alas my skills were not up to the job, I've displayed it under my fish tank and not on my main display...ah well there always another kit to improve again, thanks for looking and the comments. 


Ps I started a Tamiya tank 1/35 haha






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55 minutes ago, Robthepom said:

Thanks for kind words, I am my worst critic


i,m not driving for an hour with the Felix in the car, I’d have a nervous breakdown, but I will be at the show on Sunday:frantic: 

Lol, I drove mine from Brisbane to Melbourne, not a scratch.

Scrunched up plastic bags will work a treat!

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