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2018 Phew!

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Having just been browsing others 2018 builds, it got me thinking about my year and i have really surprised myself with what i have got through this year, and being brutally honest it was probably too much, but what with LSP /32 SIG theme being 100 yrs RAF I had to deliver on what I had promised for the display anyhow, here goes, 


All started and finished in 2018. 


Fly Hurricane




Matchbox Tigermoth




HK Mosquito




Trumpeter Harrier




This, Ok not RAF but completed for a friend of mine ex, Thunderbirds crew chief.




And Finally, This. 




I am NOT going to repeat this output in 2019, whilst enjoyable for me, im sure my family don't recognise me now. 


Have a happy 2019 modelling everyone. 

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Now that’s an impressive output, have you managed to pause time to knock these out.


All of them are impressive quality builds and variety too.



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