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MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/32

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Yes Gaz, those cannons are really cool, now I must scratch a trolley for it :)


Thanks 1to1scale, there is a lot of aftermarket and if you find the resin canopy you will spare a lot of time to rework the kit one ;)


Now it is time for new air-brakes :








Also scratch the nozzle cover :






Well, the main parts of the bird are done.

We will continue with painting the cockpit and assemble the front part of the fuselage.


Cheers guys :)

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Yes Gaz, thanks my friend ;)  but this is an cold-war-soviet aircraft. There is no polishing over real birds, only clear primer over the flat aluminum for protect.

If this plane was an US Saber there will be a LOT of shine polished aluminum ;)


This is what has left from an one of our BIS mig's:



And this is an UTI after restoration:




Just a clear coat of primer to seal the markings and stencils ;) everything over flat aluminum base.


And just look at this beauty:




I can shave my beard at that mirror-reflection surface ;)

Cheers my friend 

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That looks amazing!  Im all about foil thats for sure.  I love the dulled aluminum effect with the steal wool!


Very true on the metal polish side if you ever need it. If you go down to your local car parts place, they normally have some two part metal polishes that work amazingly on kitchen foil:


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