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Hurricane in VVS service

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From the old Revell kit, with some resin goods such as cockpit, undercarriage bay, exhaust and propeller. Gear legs and other minor detail are made from scratch. The camo is quite a "what if" 'cause there's no evidence of MkIIc Hurricane in winter white, but... I like it.



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Many thanks Bill.


While there's many pics of VVS MkIIb Hurricanes, there isn't real images of this white "45" MkIIc, it should be HL549 RAF number, archives say that were an Hawker built machine, sent to soviets, later modified with russian guns and transformed in two seater. This profile first appeared on a very old decal sheet from east european company Smer, I really don't know if they had a picture of the real aircraft or it's a complete fake.


In fact, I had the old Revell kit and I wanted to try a winterwash camo... so, that's all.



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