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Ready for Inspection: CH-47D A15-104 'Crux Australis'

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Getting back from my Christmas trip yesterday evening, this morning I managed to fire up my digital camera and after playing with lighting for a while, was finally ready to take some glamour shots of my finished Chinook. Its final resting place will be in a perspex display case with these patches I received from LSP member and Brahmans Chinook crew member in Afganistan, Craig Hartnett. Craig was an invaluable help on this build, providing photos and advice throughout. 
Without further adieu, 


CH-47D A15-104 Crux Australis "Dusty Blonde"
Kit: Trumpeter 1/35 CH-47D
Aftermarket: Eduard's Big ED set for the CH-47D
Paint: Model Master and Tamiya 
Custom: Scratchbuilt CSAR hoist and NavSat Comms antenna. 



















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The best books do several things. They tell a well-paced, compelling story. They bring the reader into the action. In non-fiction, they tell a story never told before or, told from a different perspective. And finally, the plot ends with a twist that makes every page memorable. Author and former special operations helicopter crew chief David Burnett’s new book, “Making A Night Stalker” contains every one of those elements and a unique twist: Burnett is not a writer.

“Making A Night Stalker” takes you along on Burnett’s career in the U.S. Army during the Global War on Terror. First, as a member of a regular Army helicopter aviation unit, then, as he tries to earn a slot as a crew chief on the secretive MH-47G Chinook special operations helicopter in the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), the “Nightstalkers”.



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