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Wolf Buddee

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Happy Christmas holidays to all.


No LSP from Santa to me this year but I did finally (after X decades of wanting with sporadic eBay disappointments) manage to acquire a Monogram F-100D boxed with French and Danish decals, complete with a Caracal set of USAF markings.


Think I'd like it as a C model, once I've settled whether there is or is not a two foot fuselage extension in the D.*

Damned if I can see it though, and the D & S drawings show no sign of it either.


*I've since concluded that this incorrect factoid by some anonymous model pundit is a confusion on their part between the single seat and two seat versions

F-100A/C/D types were all 47' 1" in length according to multiple sources, with the stretched two seat F-100F being 50' 4".



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