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How accurate in shape is the 1/32 Revell Eurofighter kit?

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Hello everybody,

first of all, let me wish you all a merry, blessed and peaceful Christmas eve and some hopefully quiet and relaxing holidays and tha yu all may get some of your heart’s desires under the tree.


However, I still need to bother the Eurofighter experts among you:

I am currently planning my first Eurofighter model projects in 1/32. I am focussing on the SINGLE SEATER!

While I do not have any other option than the Revell Tiffy in 1/32 (no, the Trumpet is too far off the original and the flaws are too prominent to even be remotely consideed – that thing is a strict NONO for me), that doesn’t mean that the Revel option is „perfect“. My actual question however is, how accurate is the 1/32 Revell kit shapewise? Mediocre detail is nothing I consider a too big problem and I can cope with suboptimal fit. The real turn off for me are shape issues. I usually like to spend time with the model researching the original and any possible deviations but for this project my building time is sadly somewhat limited but I still do want to get the most accurate result possible.


So again, how close to the original is the Revell single seater boxing?

What would I have to take into consideration during the build? Are there any inaccurate panel lines? Where would still be detail missing? Is there something that needs to be done to correct it shapewise?

Is there a tweak list around at LSP?

I’m well aware of the terrible fit of the speed brakes and also the not so well designed intakes. I do hope I can cope with these two. However, are there any other inaccuracies or shortcomings that I need to deal with?


I’d be most grateful for any good advice and constructive information that would make things easier for me. Many many thanks in advance to anyone in advance fort he effort and time.

Best wishes



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No tweak list as far as I know. The kit is sound and reasonably accurate for what is visible. For instance I am not sure the internal shapes of the air intake are totally accurate but as far as the area stays classified we have to live with this. One problem is the molding quality. Most kits I have seen have among other issues molding blemishes on the part over the air intake (the one that has that pattern of very small holes on the full scale plane). There is a photoetched set that helps. Morever, assembly is not that easy and some details are very soft. The front LG is too thin to support the kit weight. Accordingly, replacing parts with aftermarket sets will help. Aires made good resin sets of the cockpit, exhausts (the "late" are OK) and LG wells. Aerocraft has the front LG leg and as I mentioned there is a photoetched set improving the intake area as well as another one improving the canopy. 2 Mike's released a resin set covering the intake FODs, the missing pylons and a better shaped APU exhaust.  Last, Olymp released a weapon/decals set for birds who see combat in the Middle East. Such sets will cover most of the kit problems. Personally I think the Eduard sets for that kit are useless. Note finally that in spite of the quantity of improvement sets, there are still areas for which the modeller is on his own. An obvious one being the far too shallow slots on the belly intake sides.





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Oh thanks a ton you two. That already helps quite a bit. I appreciate the quick and nice help.


If anyone else has something to contribute I'd be very happy but this already helps a lot.

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I made a side by side comparison a few years ago and maybe you can get a few information about the revell single seater in there:




Out of memory, the APU was really bad. The intake are a  mess but you know that already.

For the rest It build like a eurofighter and  you can turn it into a nice model:




Here is the conclusion I came up with at the time:
To compare both I scored some items, the low scores of the revell column may provide more information about where I felt the Revell kit came short




Hope that helps - it's pretty personnal and in no way am I a eurofighter expert.


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Thanks a ton to everybody for the great help. You've helped me already a great deal.

Red Dog, wunwinglow, Thierry: That was exactly what I was looking for. Most appreciated! Many many thanks!


You ll have a great rest of the holidays and get well and happy into the new year.

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