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Marine F-4J Phantom - Decal time!

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It's great to see an update, I've been looking at this build thread a lot lately because I have just started a F-4J, with what will be jolly Rogers markings, and the modelling that you've done here is amazing. I love the scheme, the paint and weathering, and in my opinion, the preshading is spot on, excellent work! 

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not really a jet guy at all but this is awesome stuff!!


super impressed at the masks you are cutting / printing yourself


the black basing / marbling technique looks really good, and I actually don't think the pre-shade panel line effect was even needed - the rest stands up on its own


canopy looks super sweet too (I may try the brushing technique you mention, as those dust bit looks were what drove me away from dipping)


PS the missile loading picture made me laugh out loud - were they all drunk or something? the poor guy sandwiched looks as though he is getting 'abused' shall we say? :ninja:

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Thanks for all the great comments everyone!  I haven't been able to take very good photo since my good camera is having problems, at least my phone camera is decent. 


I may have said this already but I'm using tamiya masking sheets to make the masks.  I don't know if that is the best medium since I have yet to try vinyl.  I think the tamyia type tape is better for sharp curves and seals the edges really well, in fact, I haven't had a bit of edge bleed.  The biggest issue I had is placing the mask itself.  You have to get it perfect the first time because you won't be able to lift it and reset it.  I had to re-cut a few mask because I didn't place it where I wanted it.  I don't know if vinyl has the same problem, maybe some of they guys more familiar with vinyl can comment.


Anyway on the to build photos.  I masked and painted the metal areas.  I've never done this before so I did a lot of research and did some experimenting of my own.

It went like this:

- Overall first coat of Alclad Aluminum.

- A few panels with Alclad Dark Aluminum.

- Some more panels with MRP Anodizes Aluminum

- Some lower panels with MRP Exhaust Metal

- AK Pale Burnt Metal mostly on the rear areas

- Spot painted areas with AK Metal Smoke

- Mr. Color Smoke


I tried to do some panels with chipping fluid but it didn't work out so well.  The metal paint over the chipping fluid chipped so easily that it almost all rubbed off.  I ended up using 8000 grit sandpaper to give it the used look.  It didn't come out like I planned but I think it good enough to move on.  Let me know what you guys think...








I still have a few areas to touch up but I'm calling the metals areas done for the most part.


P.S.  The tail isn't glued on, it just there for the photo B)




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