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P-51B Mk.III stb sidewall


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Hi All


In the Valiant P-51 Early Mustang book, we can find at this Mustang Mk.III stb sidewall pix and keys:



Could you please of any help?

1/ Does anyone of you is able to complete the 24, 25, 26 keys?

2/ And please what is the equipment surrounded in orange?  if not an IFF "box"? what is it?


Many thanks in advance to any reply.



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24 is the ammeter, 25 appears to be the Detrola control, 26 looks like the hole in the floor to see the fuel gauge. Not sure what 27 is pointing to although it looks like it is on the oxygen hose. As for the circled item, that is the control for the SCR 595/695 IFF.


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Hi John

here in France, some have the information that the 8th Air Force P-51B have the IFF system removed.

I don't have this info officialy confirmed, sorry.

And this is why in such case, what was in the place instead of the IFF control? Nothing or Something else?


If you can bring some additionnal?

Many thanks in advance


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While I am not a P-51 expert, I can see the IFF being removed. The black box is a large and heavy item. With the addition of the fuselage fuel tank it would make sense to get rid of it. When the fuel tank was added, the battery and the VHF radio were installed above it and there was no room for the IFF unit. Late Mustangs had the battery moved into the engine compartment and then the IFF unit could be installed in its place. I think there may have been some installations of it in the fuselage aft of the fuel tank but that would certainly play hell with the CG. But to answer the question: If the IFF was removed, then there would be no need for the controls. It would seem unlikely that the space was used for anything else. Perhaps someone will come up with some more definitive information. EDIT: Found this note in the P-51 maintenance manual. This is for the early D Mustangs and shows it was only installed when the fuselage fuel tank was not:



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