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Good luck with your surgery, Brian!


2 hours ago, Wolf Buddee said:

My wife just had surgery on the 4th of December for a ruptured disc between L4, L5.


Glad to hear that your wife received the treatment she needed, Wolf. I wish you both well for her recovery.



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Best of luck mate. You be back behind the wheel of your jeep and back camping in no time.


Sorry to hear the HI was such a drag.


Hoping for a speedy recovery without any complications.


Lots of luck



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8 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

I just got done w/surgery and am home resting comfortably for the first time in a long time. Still groggy as the codeine is kicking in, so will type ore later.

Great news!

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Many, MANY thanks for all the kind words gents. I put this up for informative reasons, more or less, not knowing at the time my ability to sit, stand, reason, not feel pain, smile and faith in science and technology and everything else would be restored SO quickly.  I still have a TON of pain, but its all down to the deep, deep incision that feels like someone cut up my spine (which they did! :lol: ) deep inside my back, but honestly that pain with the pain killers is NOTHING compared to the pain I felt when I stood or took a single step.


Honestly, I got wheeled into the op room and after they got me situated, they administered the "sleepy" drug and within 10 or 15 seconds I was out................felt like I blinked then awoke (op was about 1 1/2 or 2 hours long I was told) in the recovery room.   As soon as i slipped off the operating table to the recovery table I knew..................................



BOOM!  Absolutely NO pain in my upper leg, but, nor calf. NO pain when I walked what so ever.  The pain is all in my incision area, and ILL TAKE IT cause I know that pain can be managed, and I also know eventually it will go away fully.

Doc also said it may take days/weeks for the tingling/numbness/pins and needles to go away in my left lower leg and foot, but if Im honest, I really havnt had any major tingling at ALL.

I am SO thankful for Dr. Lacy, and the whole staff at Midwest Neurosurgery & Spine, they were all SO nice and so genuinely seemed to liked what they do, that it made the whole experience really great .



I can say that technology and science came to save me, and i can also say (not trying to overly dramatic, but I dont know what I would have done otherwise) that in the end, had I for whatever reason not been able to get this surgery, I could NOT have gone on like I was much longer, and not sure what I would have done.................


This surgery was nothing less than outright life changing, and I can say that with 100% confidence, not even 24 hours after it. 


Thanks again for the support and kind words.


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